Wednesday, January 25, 2006

post secret

This link has been in my sidebar since like... forever, but did you all actually visit this page? It's so worth visiting. And it's updated every Sunday.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

at last

My blog has been down. As you might have noticed. At last it's back. And at last I'm updating. I want to tell you all about my Canadian adventure, but right now it's late and I really don't want to write that whole thing just now. But I'm so exited my blog works again I'll take this opportunity to brag about my accomplishments. I'm talking knitting people! Haven't you missed my knitting adventure? I have. Here we go:

First: My very first own design, based on the technique of the Tempting from Knitty. I've made a HUGE wool sweater that I now wear every day. I so love this. And I MADE it. I made it UP! Yes, I'm proud. And thank you Mandy for all your help while I was in Vancouver! Since it's based on ideas from the Tempting design and it's my first attempt at designing my own stuff I've named this sweater the à-Tempting. Clever yes? It's made from Alaska, knitted on 6mm needles and the edging is green eskimo. Both yarns from Garnstudio. It turned out pretty close to what I imagined it to be in my first sketch don't you think?

A slightly less complicated project is the scarf I made for my friend Joachim. It's also my own design, with ripple stitch (A stitch pattern from this stich pattern bible I picked up in Calgary) framed by garter stitch. I cast it on while waiting for departure from Calgary Airport on January 10th. I cried all over it. Then I knitted all the way over the Atlantic Ocean and then for another 9 hours when I was stuck in Heathrow Airport in London. People giggled and pointed at me as I sat in a corner knitting with my laptop opened in front of me with a movie playing... I'm a multitask kind of girl, what can I tell you? Anyway, it turned out Great! And Joachim looked really happy about it too...

And last but not least, I'm working on Mandy's Spike scarf for my mother. I restarted it twice (being a 350 sts cast on it's quite an accomplishment in itself) but now it's coming along so nicely. I almost thought this was an over-my-head design, but I totally get it now. Mandy's a genious. Truly. And I love this thing! And I love me being able to pull this off! And Mandy, look! Stitch markers! The thing is crawling with them now. I learn from my mistakes at least...
Yarns used: Elisabeth Lavold: Silky Wool 05 and for the sqaures Rowan Kidsilk Spray .

And oh, right, I signed up for the Knitting Olympics!
This is such a brilliant idea from yarnharlot Stephanie, and my Swedish mailing list is full of exitement about this too. We're actually forming a Team Sweden over here! Go read about it! It's SO brilliant! And I've entered with the Birch Shawl. Again, I might be in over my head, but in my mind, that's the only way to do it right? I think I'll make a separate entry about my knitting philosophies one day...

Anyway, I'm back people! Watch out blog universe. I'm here to stay. Again.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I'm back home in Sweden again after close to a month in Canada. There is a lot to say, and I'll tell you a lot about it. But not just yet. It has been a wonderful adventure in many ways and if I could I'd go back tomorrow. But it has also been an emotional journey, and I'm not ready to go through my brain looking for ways to phrase it all just yet. I'm still going through it just to figure out what's in there at all... So I'm sorry about my lack of blogging lately. I'll be back. Soon.