Sunday, April 22, 2012


A love story about a yarn...

Sometimes you get a yarn in your hands, so lovely you 
almost don’t want to wind it up or even disturb
the pretty skein. But your hands yearn to knit it. 

So I knit, yet another stockinette, triangular shawl...
Because I wanted to feel this yarn. I wanted to see it shine. But how to finish it?

I have frequently browsed through edging patterns and shawl patterns for inspiration to finish a stockinette triangle. This time -nothing- fitted because I knew exactly what I wanted. So I ended up drawing it up myself - A leaf. Just the right size for the gauge. Then doing the math, fitting the leaves 
together and fitting the middle leaf to the middle stitch. 

And by the way: What a difference a purl makes! 
Opsa - I made  a shawl. And as a bonus, the same chart can be used to make a kick-ass stole! 


The wonderful yarn is called Splendor and can be found at 
Pattern availible in english or Swedish.