Sunday, September 10, 2006


I feel very weird about Discovery Channel's tribute to Steve Irwin today. They show him "juggling" crocs while telling the audience over and over about how close to being killed he is again and again. It gets very... uncomfortable to watch. Yet, I am human and pretty much tasteless right now. I can't stop watching!

And I'm giving myself all sorts of excuses not to clean my house, but all I can come up with is knitting away at my first pair of socks ever - the beautiful Baudelaire I started Friday.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Warning: If you want to hold on to your lunch: Do not read more than the last three phrases.

A lot circles around my bandaged foot and treating it well. It's still swollen around the wound and I wear a support sock kind of bandage - all the time. It's three layers of Tight Sock. My leg has the striped pattern of the textile texture and my foot ITCHES. Bad. I take it off at night and I sleep with my foot on a pillow, but there is still the yukky factor to be considered... Having been bandaged tight for a long time, my foot sheds its skin. It looks like a flesh toned fish's back under my sole. I feel disgusting.

Apart from limping and grossing myself out I started my First pair of socks yesterday. I'm making a beige version of the Baudelaire and it's turning out beautiful! Photos to follow eventually (of socks. Not of gross foot).

Monday, September 04, 2006

a quick bolero

It was fast and fun. But it did have the same problem I encounter with all short shrugs - It was too wide in the back (due to some feminine curves of mine). But hey, I'm a knitter now! I solved it. A little i-cord and a waist later, I look fab in my new shrug. Even though the light in this blurry photo is very weird, and my stomach looks as if I'm pregnant... But the shrug looks guuuud.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Sorry I haven't been writing. I think I try to deal with stuff in the real world without pouring it out online, simply because I don't want to phrase it all. I knit, I work and at the moment, I also hurt.

I hade surgery done on my right foot last week. Yes, I finally had my surgery done. They opened me up to clean up around the nerves in my foot, because I've strained my feet so bad, my blood vessels were the same size as they would've been on a limping 75 year old. It'll be better soon. But I'm swollen. More so than they had expected. I had my bandages around the two wounds redone yesterday, and it turns out they put the stitches really far apart to give the foot space to be swollen before it mended itself. It was still very (very) swollen.
Imagine a shirt that is simply too small, but you have forced all the buttons together anyway. Now imagine that same image, but with blue stitches and skin, with a bleeding foot being shut in behind it. Yes, that's me. Or rather my foot.
They promise it'll be better in another week, but I'm already tired of the crutches, of limping and of saying excuse me and asking for help all the time.

This year has been f-ing (yes, the f-word) unbelievable. I don't like it, but I'm getting through it. And of that - I'm actually proud.