Wednesday, August 24, 2011


And I LOVE it. It's just the splash of color I'll need in the collar of my autumn jacket. A jacket that will soon drop into my mailbox. I'll show you the ensemble when I have it.
Again: Stephen Wests' ability to simplify technique into concise directives in a pattern is like reading an art piece to me. So well done. If you've never knitted intarsia before, just knit this and go "Oh, so that's how you do it huh? I just did it, didn't I?", when you're done.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

kollage square circulars

When at KnitNation I was told Kollage doesn't make their square needles as circulars... but I knew they at least had. So I came home and looked around and found a place that sold them, so I bought one. I love the square dpns, and was hoping for the same needle bliss... I was wrong.

Now I've figured it out. Kollage made circulars, but stopped, because the cable sucks. No I'm not exaggerating. It was actually impossible to knit with. The cable is flimsy and long and the joint to the needle folds so easily, I had to stop every five stitches and move stitches one by one from cable to needle.

I was told Kollage is going to release circulars (again) within the year. If they do, I'll look for reviews before I buy one. I'm hoping the pause in production is about finding a different solution for the cable.

My Kollage Square Circulars will now be part of my curiosity cabinet rather than the usable needle collection...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

clue 2

So... I may be daft. I didn't realise until I saw these pictures next to the photo of the yarn in my previous post, that my Westknits shawl screams Gryffindor! Oh well, I still love it. The "yellow" is clearly more green or brown in some lights, and it's still gorgeous. I might add a teal stitch or two to counter the Potterverse connection if it's too blatant...

Other than that - I LOVE this design, this shawl and this mystery KAL! Even though I had to remake clue 2 after a clumsy mistake yesterday - it's worth every single stitch. I'm already looking at other westknits designs to start after this, and I still have a Clockwork of his to finish...

go go Gryffindor!

Yesterday I scored a Deeply Wicked Skein in Easyknits Friday update. YAY!

My skein is Goodbye Harry 2 - Very appropriate for a Potter fan like myself, but also just the colors that have been drawing my eye lately. I'm thinking this will be the star of my next Westknits shawl (after the Mystery KAL)... I am So in love with Stephen West's ingenious way of explaining intricate detailing as something so straightforward and obvious as the logic of each of his designs seem to be!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A favorite knitting friend just finished her Gratitude and it looks Awesome! The post is in Swedish - but look at the photos! I'm literally trembling with excitement!

Monday, August 08, 2011


I can now reveal my shawl (or rather scarf collar) pattern GRATITUDE.
It's done, and you can buy it! You want it? Yeah you do. Just click right here:

The name of the pattern is a dedication. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had this year thanks to Sandy.
This one's for you dearest!

Knit camp

I've been to knit camp and some people has asked me what it is and how it's done.
Short answer is: It's a knitting oasis.

Long answer is: A Swedish knitting site (whose owner is one of my closest friends) organises whole weekends as knit retreats. We went to the same place at about the same time last year and it was the best four days ever - until these past four days.

The place is booked for Just Us. There are cabins (no electricity - but a fireplace in each) where we stay in groups of three or four. It's located in the middle of absolutely nowhere in the vast forests of Dalarna, up on a ridge, and the views, the landscapes around it, the sunsets are spectacular!

Next to the little row of cabins there's a main house where iphone addicted knitters can charge their darlings and keep in touch with the outside world if they want. I didn't particularly want to. Here is also where we gather if it rains and here is where we eat. Three times a day the wonderful peple who run this place come out and tell you that "Food is served!" or "Now there's coffee for everyone!". It's part of the deal.

So what do we do? We eat, sleep, knit and laugh. That's it.

No cooking, no alarm clocks, no must do or should do, no laundry, no checking email, no stress. Basically it's a meditation retreat - with yarn. Yes - that good.

Also Ateljé Norrgården (Save that link - they will be THE yarn you want forever and ever if you try it. The site is as of yet only available in Swedish, but google translate can work wonders...) brought some yarn to sell and dye.
There was a raffle (In which I won a skein of Handmaiden Lace Silk! Yay!) and then there was me teaching a top down garment design workshop.

It will be an annual event, so guess what I'm saving up for? Yup - I'll go again next year. Fo' sho'!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

First clue

I am at knitcamp. Best holiday ever. We sit and knit in the middle of nowhere with beautiful views and lovely people around us. I started by making my Clue 1 in the Westknits Mystery KAL. I hope my color choice pays off.