Wednesday, June 25, 2008

sharp pointed weapons

A friend once uttered about knitting that it has to be the manliest thing one can do:

"Armed with sharp pointed weapons in both hands, and usually surrounded by women"

...was his take on our favorite hobby (loosely translated from Swedish).

Now I have truly sharpened those weapons as I finally got these babies home - iron knitting needles! Made by hand by a real blacksmith. Can you imagine something cooler? I can't. Not very comfortable, heavy and loudly clanging to knit with, but hey -
Iron Needles!
I have big plans on how to display them best... But anyone who comes to visit will have the opportunity to try them out. That's a promise.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

fraggle knits

Remember fraggle mountain? Then take a look at this! (You can fast forward to 3.40 in to the clip if you Just wanna see why I made a knitting reference)

Too bad the dozers preferred building to knitting huh?

still knitting

After having moved (!), finished two projects for work, worked my pretty little ass off... I picked up some yarn and some sticks and began creating something again! I finished Rogue - the knitted parts - some time ago, but I have big plans for that baby so you'll have to wait longer for pictures of that. It is so far the best thing I ever did.
Now I've cast on Seascape and Durrow.

The Seascape almost became a disaster until I remembered the golden rule:
It's my knitting and I'll alter if I want to
So I'm making it a Seascape based stole.

I'm using the pattern but not exactly as it was intended. Mistakes can be such creative tools sometimes.

Then for the Durrow. Ribs, ribs, ribs...

I see what you did here Jodi. You make me long for the cable work and thus I'm speeding through the boring part first? Is that the idea? Anyway - since I'm making it in a humongous size it's a lot of ribs, but give me a dull enough movie and I'll be shaping the neckline in no time at all.
Also considering adding a hem, but we'll see about that.
Still - I can't wait to get to those sleeves!