Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I react badly to stress.

I end up sitting on my couch feeling bad about what I'm not doing rather than doing them. And now that I've discovered knitting I do that for an excuse. This is my favorite today: "I can't pay my bills for another ten minutes. I'm knitting".
Plus, as I said in the last entry - I don't sleep well when stressed. However that has been cured, but only temporarily, and since the cure has been pure exhaustion I don't think it will last. Yawn.

By the way, all the hyperlinks of this blog are now deliciously chocolate brown.

(No... I said chocolate... No! Chocolate and delicious not... no! Eww... It's chocolate color alright?! Not... anything else.)

Sunday, August 28, 2005


I’m back. I know you probably haven’t noticed but I haven’t been online for two whole days, and sadly enough I’ve really felt disconnected. I’m such a web addict. My own computer has been with a friend of mine for a while, for him to hopefully find what was wrong with it. He did, though he couldn’t fix all of it. It still behaves a bit strangely at times. So, I’ve had his laptop for two months and suddenly the network card (or whatever you call it) didn’t work Friday, hence the disconnection over the weekend. Today I got my own machine back, limping as it is, but at least I can blog and pay my bills…

Now you’d think I would’ve taken the opportunity to get stuff done offline while I got my connections sorted, but what do I do instead? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Unless sleeping counts as an activity? I’ve been sleeping a lot. Something’s wrong and I have no idea what. I sleep weirdly. I wake up four times a night, but I sleep like a log when finally the alarm goes off and totally miss it. I’ve slept through those fog horn signals three times in a week! I guess I just have a lot on my mind right now.

What is all that on your mind you ask? Well work, mostly. This autumn is looking better every minute. Better meaning busier. I need the money, but perfectionist as I am it also means worrying about being good enough… Damn this self esteem of mine. I’m good damnit! I really wish I could believe that at heart.

Oh, some of you might not even know what I do for a living? Maybe it’s time for “the big presentation of Lisa – the professional”? (Didn’t that sound wonderfully pretentious?) I’ll try to explain what wonderful opportunities my life has given me lately:

In September last year I graduated from Chalmers University of Technology as an architect. My diploma work being a small book about architecture and communication, and about the gap of misunderstanding there seems to be between the architects and the consumers. My mentor loved it and it got me into the world of “communicating architects”.

In Gothenburg there are several projects in which architecture is brought to the schools. I was asked to do workshops where classes come and explore architecture in different and very playful ways.
It’s so much fun!
Some of these workshops are presented in the “museum lesson catalogue” where schools can pick and choose from different workshops, and then come have them in the different museums in town. The difference between Gothenburg and other cities is that we consider the city itself as a museum of architecture, where the buildings themselves represent their time, their style and their context. This means that I’ve been having these workshops out and about, playing with and discussing urban planning, city furniture and history with kids all over the city! And this term I have four different workshops that are all mine in that catalogue! Two outdoors in the city, and two indoors in our design museum.

This design museum has become my second home, because after having had a workshop about doors with them this spring they loved me, and I loved them. This summer I’ve been a guide there and also tutoring different art workshops. Do I have the best life or what? This autumn I’ll continue to work more at that museum as a guide and tutor (plus the workshops I have planned with them). This means I get to discuss design and identity, design history, fashion and much more with kids from all over the region! I’m loving this!

This is all good, but still generates too few hours to fully support me, so upon all of this I have my own little firm where I’ve specialized in projects where I come to schools tutoring the kids in projects where they are planning their own school environment! I’ve done two of these so far and two school yards in Gothenburg are now about to undergo some major changes! It’s inspiring, very much fun and I get so much back from these kids I feel like saying thank you to each and every one of them! I have so many stories about these projects already! Kids are great! And from one of these projects I was asked to do the design for a renovation of a closed youth centre with a small café, a recording studio and such. Me and a friend just handed in our proposal so please keep your fingers crossed everybody!

This autumn the biggest project like this is about the interior of a big high school built in the 70s that really needs to be updated to the needs of the kids today. I’m not kidding when I say they have Nothing to do at break time. I’m looking forward to the chance of making a difference. I’m building the best life for myself. It’s still poor in money, but so rich in inspiration!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

he mends Boy George's broken heart

Download.com has a description of my new favorite band: Antony & the Johnsons. It's such a good description I had to share it with you guys as well as encourage you to get some of their music. It's lovely. Download.com only has one song though... That sucks. Something Antony & the Johnsons on the other hand, do not.
And hey, Mandy, they play in Vancouver on September 15! Can you go in my place and tell me how wonderful it was please? Or just go! I know I would.

"Antony's goose-bump-inducing voice possesses such emotional weight that only the most hardened can resist. His minimally arranged, space-cabaret blues transports the listener to a smoky, surreal piano bar frequented by androgynous romantics--the place Lou Reed and Boy George go to nurse broken hearts. In a word: breathtaking."


I think Albert Einstein was a fascinating man. Not only for being smart, but for having humour too. I was told this little anecdote about him a while ago, and I think about it sometimes when things seem dull and predictable:

Our dear Albert was an assisting professor at Zürich University for a short period of time (1909-1911). Here he held lectures and every Friday he handed out a written exam paper where the students got to discuss that week's topics from a number of given questions. One week he handed the exam paper as usually to a secretary to have it copied for the students. The secretary was on her way out the door with it when she turned around and pointed out to Albert Einstein that he must've made a mistake. "This is last week's exam, sir. They're the exact same questions as last week!"
Albert Einstein answered:

"Do not worry. I have changed the answers."


I'm determined to become a better knitter.

Monday, August 22, 2005


I was cleaning a drawer in my office wardrobe (Yes, my apartment is crammed so I have my office in a wardrobe) and I realised that the little pile of plastic cards bugged me. You know those membership cards, bonus cards, library cards that you don't really need to carry around every day. So I started looking for some kind of purse to put them in, but didn't even find a rubberband to help me. But then I remembered - I'm a knitter now. But I don't have a "stash" like those knitters I read about. I had two skeins of pink that I got from a bag at my grandmother's. I turned some of it into this little improvised piece:
It's a wallet (In case it wasn't obvious). It's not very pretty, but it works.

Stop laughing! I'm getting there!

dog and a blanket

It's done. Every loose end weaved in, every mistake in the pattern cursed and then accepted, pride flowing. If Pride indeed is a deadly sin I am now going to hell when I die. Uhm...As if I hadn't already committed a few of the others! That gluttony is tough to avoid... and lust... well I'll blame Canada for that one at t he moment.
Anyway, back to the subject: Tadaa!

Horrible pictures, but you can at least see why I call it a blanket rather than a shawl. It's square, it's huge, it's very blankety. And here's one that totally fell in love with it:

But... Lisa doesn't have a dog you say, and right you are. He isn't mine unfortunately, but fortunately I was asked to dogsit today. His name is Veijo and he's sleeping on my feet as I type. I really need a dog of my own in my life one day. I'm Loving this! I'll be sad to hand this affectionate little guy back tonight...

And by the way, I'm already attacking a second knitting project. This time a really tiny one, but I'm planning on advancing to clothes soon. Soon. Ok, a few more shots just for the pride of it:

Saturday, August 20, 2005

show and tell

Okay it's time. I can't hold it in anymore. I'm so proud I'm bursting! But I'm not done yet, so all you get are sneak peeks. Here:

I am knitting!
It's my first knitting project since the mandatory baby hat we knitted in school and it's made from pure determination. "I can do this" is my mantra, and I'm even following a pattern to make a beautiful feather pattern in this huge shawl / blanket I'm making. If any of my friends is having a baby soon they'll get the most beautiful stroller blanket ever... The problem is - I love the pattern, I love the colors, but I don't really wear striped things, and I think I have to add a full skein to get to the length I want it to be - more blanket sized. One of my favorite things to do is to curl up on my couch in my favorite big cardigan with a cup of tea and a good book when the rain is pouring outside, but with this thing I think my cardi will get competition for my attention come November... I don't really care that it's a bit strange and striped. It's mine and I made it! The first project is supposed to be bit weird, knotty and crazy right?
Hey, experienced knitters out there! Tell me about your first projects!

Furthermore I just have to show you my earrings! I so love them, and working in the design museum - what can be more appropriate than having chairs in your ears?

Very cute huh?

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I know, I know... I should be writing about what I'm doing and share funny little anecdotes from my life, but I just don't have the energy at the moment. But I do need to share this: I WANT IT!
There are many luscious, precious things on that page that I want, but this trenchcoat... drool.
There are some slutty, ugly, weird things on there too, but you don't have to look at those...

Friday, August 12, 2005


I'm up to something and I need happy thoughts to succeed and then show you guys what I'm up to. So think of me, and some of you might be in for a treat... maybe... if i pull this off.

I'm exited enough for two though.

An update on the Spencer fairytale you say? Well... Christmas still feels far away, and until it feels closer it also feels sad to write about. But what that post would look like, in short, is this:

I miss him.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Gå hit!
One of the bigger newspapers in Sweden writes about world hunger on their front page today. I guess starving children isn't breaking news every day, but they're just important every day! Our western world is scaringly sheltered. Then it hit me that maybe you all don't know about www.thehungersite.com? I click every button on that site every day. Maybe you could get into the routine of doing that too?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Okay, to kick off this new feature "100 things about me" I want to state once and for all that
I love books.

On my wishlist for Christmas there are always some books and I'm constantly halfway into at least four or five (one for each reading mood). Right now I'm diving into Gregorius by Hans Ohlsson (so far only availible in Swedish). It's a new view of one of the characters in a Swedish classic from 1905 (one of my favorites) Doctor Glas by Hjalmar Söderberg. Read it, read about it, read it again and feel free to discuss the topic (Can murder sometimes be morally justified?) here or by mail.

My favorite quote is also from Doctor Glas

"There is something wrong with my brain. It's either too good or too bad, but something is the matter. Then it's a good thing to know that at least my heart is in the right place"


This is insane! This counter is telling me that I've had 225 visits in less than two weeks! I know most of you come back to check in on me and if I wrote something new, but still! 225 / 13 is still like 17 visitors a day!

Furthermore, I went blogsurfing among strangers this afternoon. It was fun, and I found some ideas. I think it was Mandy's friend Amy who gave this idea about 100 things about me... Though she's now at sixty something I'll have to start at number one. Next post folks, next post...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

typing skills

I need to write something light weight.

I want to write about my seven year old cousin who came to visit for a week after Spencer had left. I want to write about my mum's birthday party yesterday (I did - in Swedish). But I lack the energy. Maybe soon. I'm still recovering from the Spencer Experience so this next entry has to be yet another stolen questionnaire. I do think the typing skills test towards the end is a helluva lot of fun though...

Here we go:


wearing: grey boat necked sweater over a green tank top and black pants. Black underwear.
makeup: mascara, concealer (I need to hide the King of Zits on my forehead) and some purple eyeshadow.
hairstyle: Flat and greasy. In need of cutting. Blonde.
accessories: bracelet I did myself, grandma’s diamond ring, chair-shaped earrings and necklace with a pendant I made.
coat: Coat? Jacket? Well, my black plastic-looks-like-leather-one is good for this weird rainy summer
shoes: Today I wore a pair of old sneakers. I rarely do that, but my heel hurt.
reading: I just finished ”The Rule of Four” – weird book.
to buy: I need a lot. I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow. I need milk, yogurt, bread and lots of other essentials.
want: Spencer
worries: Future, money, future, money, future, money...
most beautiful: Spencer, my mum happy in the middle of her party (though that was yesterday)
song: I heard Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang bang” today and fell in love with it all over again
event: guided a tour at the museum this afternoon. I have the best job!
mood: uhm... up... and down... and tired… and longing… and fine
statement: I’m going to Canada for Christmas and new years.

other stuff

What did you do last summer? I don’t even remember... I worked on my thesis, met Spencer online and saw my friends a lot.
Do you use foul language? Less than most, but yes damnit, when called for then fuck yeah. (Swedish curses sound much angrier though: Jävla helvetes fan!)
When did you shower last? Very, very early this morning at my mum’s in Stockholm
What color are your pants? I told you already. Black alright! Jeesh...
What color are your underwear? Black, black, black. Black lace boxers (yes, they’re hot!) and a black lace bra. What’s with the craving for details here huh?? Drool, why don’t you?
What song is playing at the moment? No music on. The TV is talking in the background though. I have no idea what’s on and should turn it off.
What was the last thing you said out loud? “Ha så kul!” (Have fun!) to my friend Joachim when he walked out the door a couple of hours ago. He’s at this concert.
What is next to you right now? A wardrobe.
What does your desk look like? It’s crammed into a corner between wardrobes. I’m currently using a borrowed laptop, but my desk is just as cluttered, if not worse, as always.
What was the last thing you ate? Instant soup. I told you I’m going shopping tomorrow.
With whom do you want to spend the rest of your life? If it works out: Spencer.
Do you own one of those freaky lava lamps? No, thank God!
What’s the weather like? Dark. Cloudy. But with some pink light left over the horizon.
What did you do last night? I celebrated my mother six months late at a party in Stockholm. She turned 60 in February, but didn’t have the party until yesterday. It was lovely.
Who did you talk to on the phone last? Mum, I think... ”Yes, I got home ok”
What makes you happy? My friends, Spencer and my job at the museum
Where would you go? I don’t understand the question, but I’m pretty sure the answer is Canada.
Do you want to have kids? Yes, but not too many.
Baby names? Boy: Amandus (my great grandfather) Girl: Engla (my great grandmother)

typing skills

In one try, type your name with:

: Lisa
chin: lixzz
one finger with eyes closed: lusa
cheek: …mk 0 vc (I have round, soft cheeks)
elbow: lisa (yay!)
lips: lisas
palm: lisxzs
back of hand: l9 wsxazz
nose: lisa