Wednesday, May 24, 2006

dark waters

If you haven't tried taking a shower in complete darkness I suggest you do.

A soothing experience for my still very swollen eye, and a peculiar experience for me. It's amazing how well I've worked in my grooming routines. My hands recognize every bottle, every tile and the taps in my shower. My body seems to know the distances perfectly. I put my foot on the stool I keep in my shower to soap my leg and it didn't occur to me until afterwards that I might just as well have kicked the wall... Except I couldn't because I knew exactly where the stool was. As well as where the walls were.

An eye infection can sometimes give you unexpected lessons about yourself and about your senses. I am so dependant on my eyesight in many other areas, but with just some routine, I can actually make do without it. I'll remember that.

I should probably mention I have an unusually large shower cabin, and that turning the lights on was like stabbing myself in the eye, so I didn't do this as an experiment. It was out of necessity. Even a sick girl needs to keep clean right?

Now I have to take a break from the computer again. Even with patch my eye starts running after looking at the screen for about 10 minutes.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ay ay eye

This post was written in a very whiny voice. Read it as such.
Remember the cute girl from Sweden with the big blue eyes?

She is temporarily replaced with sick wreck of girl, with swollen, hurting lump instead of left eye.

The doctor says it'll pass. I sure hope he's right. In the picture I'm struggling to have it opened at all. I am wearing a homemade eye patch. I look ridiculous and it hurts. It hurts bad.

Poor, poor me.

Monday, May 22, 2006

softer world

I was reminded I have a personality, and that I let it show, when I got an email from Mandy the other day.

When someone else finds a webpage, then figures out that I would love it and then takes the time to send it to me, I have to realize that they care. And when I do love it just as much as they thought I would, I know that I have let somebody else know who I am.

Don't underestimate the compliments you get. Instead, milk them for all they're worth. That's my new strategy. My old strategy of pushing compliments away saying "No you are!" sucks. I need the compliments so why not actually listen and hear them when they're given to me.

Anyway, Mandy sent me this:

I am hooked. I want to be the one making this artsy comic. But I'll settle being satisfied that somebody else is. Thank you Mandy.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

update topdown

I told you it was going to be the best sweater ever! That promise still stands! Fun to knit, perfect fit... I'm making top down raglans forever and ever if it's always like this. A little decrease there (to show off the boobs) and a little increase here to make it bell out a little. It will go all the way to the hip, and the sleeves are going to be a little bell shaped too. What do you think? Should I add a tiny eyelet lace edge of some sort to go with the fabulous shoulder increase?

Friday, May 12, 2006


Soon is now:

So, now I have a cute bag. Then what? (I'm blogging as an excuse for not working at 11.30 pm. Does it actually count and is it really a smart thing to do?) I could just go to bed, but sleep? Who came up with the idea that I'd even be able to? Many curse words later I find myself actually dragging my tired self to the bathroom for some grooming exercises before bedtime.
Oh, or maybe I should refurbish the whole place first? Or solve world hunger? Or save someones life? Or just surf the net for another sleepless hour?
People! Stop me! Tell me to get some sleep! And while you're at it feel free to remind me of the many benefits of eating breakfast...

just a few

... things I'd like to tell you about. I wish I had more words to describe it all, but I seem to have run out of words lately. (To those of you who have actually met me, you know what a disturbing picture that is - Lisa without words - as if! She's a chatterbox... usually) Anyway:
1. You shouldn't try and give people compliments when you're drunk. The guy on the bus was highly intoxicated and referred to me (in Swedish) as "one helluva woman, at least breastwise". I was in a bad mood and felt like punching him, but thinking of it now I realize it's kind of funny somehow.
2. The world's cutest kid can not stand still. I saw a choir of about 50 six-year-olds today. One boy in the front couldn't help dancing to every song they sang. He was on stage! "Look at me!" I actually cried with happiness watching him.
3. I love my job, but I'm damn tired right now.
4. I made a boogabag. It's beautiful and I'll show it off soon.
5. When in doubt - smile. You might get one back that will save your day.

Monday, May 08, 2006

from the top down

I'm alive. I work. I knit. I still haven't cleaned my home. The sun has been shining like it does in the Caribbean right here in our northern corner of the world for several days now, and nobody dares jinx it by saying "I'm too hot". Then it might stop, and we kind of have to love it here.
I still lack inspiration to write something... well, inspired, but I can at least tell you about me being alive, me working and knitting and how the sun is shining on Sweden i May.
And this is what I'm knitting: My first top down raglan. It's going to be the most beautiful sweater in the world. Because I say it will. And oh, it's not this blurry up close. And neither am I. For real.

And I hope all you knitters out there are with me on June 10.
It's Knit In Public Day, and you'll find me in the sun somewhere knitting and purling proudly in front of everybody!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I should blog about a wonderful trip to Glasgow. Much Mackintosh (see one of thousands of wonderful details above) and seriously considering Glasgow as an alternative to place my home in. Some very good people live in Glasgow and some very cool things to do and see are there too. I should blog about a new lesson I'm doing with kids in the city (How many countries can you find right here in Gothenburg). I should blog about knitting being boring sometimes (3+1 rib forever, please! I am not amused. Need to cast on side project. Soon.) I should blog.
But I knit 3+1 ribbing on my tubey and an i-cord for my boogabag when I'm not working or worrying about work. These weeks are not showing the world the best of me. And I want to go back to Glasgow.
Oh, and the world's best Jch turned another twenty-something last week and had the best party Sunday. I came home at half past six in the morning. We were still dancing at four thirty.
Yes, I'm alive and much is good. I just haven't felt like blogging. Yet.
I will be back soon and then I'll blog A LOT. Damnit.