Sunday, October 30, 2011


I made it. The pattern is Finally here. The cardigan Offe is up for sale on Ravelry!

I could have continued working on this forever. You can write it however detailed and varied you want, since it's designed to be played with. You can choose long or short, broad stripes or narrow, long or short front panels... Once you've figured out the construction it's very easy to mod and adjust to your taste. Make your version!

Click on the images to see them in bigger versions.
A few tech details used in the cardigan are well explained in many youtube clips.
I've chosen a few here:
Provisional cast on on waste yarn here.
Mattress stitch here.
I-cord bind off here.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I knitted a cowl, a hood, a shoulder snug, a shawl and a piece of knitted jewelry all in one! A simple but effective woolen hoop. I call it Smarge (Small, Medium and Large!)

I needed this garment, so I designed it. It's dead simple, but so wearable. The simple stitch pattern gives the fabric a little life, plus it lays flat and is reversible. It's a chevron pattern that is built in the contrast between knits and purls.

I can imagine this cowl might look very different in other yarns and colors, where this contrast is more pronounced. But I love my version in Manos Wool Clasicas bright red. I sell this pattern both through Ravelry (button below) and through Garnasinne, a new Swedish web shop for ecologically friendly and/ or fairtrade yarns (shop page in Swedish).

The pattern is availible in both English and Swedish.