Tuesday, July 26, 2011

more inspiration

Oh my knitting Goddess... I saw Brooklyntweeds new collection Wool People yesterday and have you seen the stuff in there!? I bought two patterns without even realising I was clicking a paypal symbol. I Had To Have Them. So now I'll bring yet another started project to Knitcamp. I need a Seraphine.

Monday, July 25, 2011

sneak peek

It's done! I finished my first own lace shawl design, and two nice test knitters are busy making their versions of it. This "prototype" ended up being on the tiny side, which means the pattern will be available both as scarf and shawl. I'm offering it in Swedish to the few people I meet at Knitcamp in a couple of weeks... Then I need to decide when and where to make it available to all knitters. I'm all excited! Yay!

Friday, July 22, 2011

signed yarn

Wednesday was my bestest I's birthday and I went bearing gifts I bought at Knitnation. Being a knitter like me, I (and several of the guests) understands the beauty of yarn, patterns and needles. She had mulberry silk and a skein of Handmaiden silk and other wonderful knit related parcels. But I thought I'd tell you what I gave her:

First - a copy of Little Red in the City - signed with a birthday greeting by the ever awesome and lovely Ysolda. Thanks Ysolda!
Second - a skein of Socktopus yarn which I (kind of awkwardly) asked both sockdesigning geniuses Socktopus herself (the ever so wonderful Alice) and the ever smiling under blue bangs cute Cookie to sign! They wrote suggestions to what design of theirs they would knit in that particular color. Thank you both for that!
(Photo borrowed from I's rav-stash)
The gift was very much appreciated, and I think "signed yarn" is quite as good an idea as "signed book".

(There's more signed yarn in my bag, but I haven't given it away yet, so shhhh!)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

whole lotta knittin'...

...goin' on.

So I teach a class in top down sweater design in a couple of weeks. I need to get crackin' on those "begun" cardis I was going to use as illustrations. Instead - I knit a shawl. But not just any shawl. It's my first real shawl design! And it's not just any ol' triangle... I actually feel this could be a Real Thing of Beauty where I'll actually feel proud to distribute or publish the pattern somewhere. It's damn exciting if you ask me.

Ergo: I knit like a maniac, and I need to knit more. Life is good.

Oh... and my slideshow below was mentioned in Michaela's blog today. I'm becoming part of new online circles of knitters. I am most thankful!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL part 1

This is the most perfectly timed Mystery KAL evah!
I was trying to choose which Stephen West shawl to make For Me (Because I’m on a Clockwork that’ll be a gift. It has to stand back for a bit.) and this pops up just as I was unable to pick one of the many…

YAY! Stephen chose for me!

Then I went to KnitNation and actually got to say hello to Stephen West himself (Hi Stephen!) and I actually told him I was making this in teal, the swampcolored green and a solid grey… Then I got home and this RED just popped at me and wanted to be part of it. They’re all quite "stiff" sockyarns, but it’s just the wrap I need. But now I can’t decide which one to leave out!

The red is a Colinette Jitterbug, the “green” and grey from the Yarn Yard and the teal is a Socktopus.

Care to give me your input on what to do? I think I'll be swatching quite a bit for this...

Monday, July 18, 2011

revival and KNITNATION

I just got home from KnitNation and I now have more reasons than ever to write about knitting in English again.

The past few years I've been writing more and more in my Swedish blog and less here, mostly because most people who want to read about my knitting are Swedish. However, there are a few international friends out there, and you just became a few more this weekend! Oh, the people I've met, the yarns I've seen and the memories I've taken home with me!

I have trouble describing it all, so here is a slideshow for you! The story is in the subtitles. I should have taken more of more of the wonderful people I've met in the KnitNation crew - but here's a big wave to all of you!

I had minimized my luggage as far as I could this weekend, so the photos are all taken with my iphone... Sorry about the quality on some of them.