Thursday, October 25, 2007

let's try it a stitch at a time ok?

Yet another try... I'm not doing too good keeping this blog am I? Well, there are many explanations to why, but since they're reasons I don't write I hope you can understand if I don't explain too much.

I haven't been too hot for quite a while, and a lot of it has to do with my own demons, fears, worries and insecurities. A lot has happened because of them, and a lot of them have happened because of things. Yes, it's that complicated.

I have an idea however:
I just got in to Ravelry - the knitting community online, so here's a thought..
I'll try and make this a pure knitting blog. You won't get into my head too much or my everyday events, but it might get me writing again. I'd like that.
I got knitting again, and tomorrow I'm even giving a lecture about how easy it is to knit according to patterns in English... Can you believe it?

Well, I'm visalisa at Ravelry, so if you're in there - look me up and come find me! Poke me! Knit with me!

I knit - therefore I am (a blogger again)


dana said...

hey visa lisa -- i first came to your (english) blog a while back through yarnaggedon's mandy. i remember well seeing a piece of artwork that you had sent her, and wanting to know more about the creator. well, i wanted to know that as an english-language reader of your blog, i am glad that you will be returning. i like to see what you are making! best regards to you.


jodi said...

Yes! So good to have you back.