Tuesday, July 15, 2008

all buttoned up

I wore my newly made button clipon earrings today. My ear lobes hurt after a full day, but damn they're cute! Several people actually bothered to tell me so too.

In other news I'm making progress in my battle with the sewing machines! They've been the siege engines of my life - always in somebody elses army working against me.
My crafts teacher in school made a good job convincing me I can't even hold a needle...
But with a little help and a lot of will power I now own a medieval gown! Or rather it's just a long tunic with a red dress over it and a purse and a little hat and a big hood... Oh, I guess it's a full outfit isn't it? Exiting!

We're going to this medieval fair thing this weekend so I'll try and get photos of my 1200-something self. Me. Sewing. Who'd have thought huh?

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