Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's hanging, still slightly damp, tempting me. It's done. Finally.
It was my project for the IAAF World Championships knit-along, but I ran out of yarn and finished late. It's the luscious Noro Silk Garden Sock, that behaved awfully while knitting, but is blocked out to one of the most beautiful knitted surfaces I've ever seen! I cast off using a cotton linnen blend in a solid brown-grey color to get a steady edging, and I must say that was a stroke of brilliance on my part!

More pictures will be posted when I can show the whole thing wrapped around a proud knitter!


dana said...

i am so happy for an english-language post! it's been a while. the shawl is beautiful and i think that the noro sock yarns are amazing -- i only wish that they had less, or better, no nylon.

Visa Lisa said...

It has indeed been a while, and I apologize... This has become a pure knitting blog, and when there's too much else going on in my life, that I blog in Swedish, I'm afraid this blog becomes srangely silent.
I will however teach in English this fall - Let's see if that makes me want to phrase some of my life, here, in English, again.

anna from holland said...

I've eyeing this pattern on ravelry (that's how I drifted into your blog and am spending knitting time reading it ;)
and was wondering if it takes up long to knit. COmpared to crochet. It looks so much like crochet...
what do you think?

ooh, animal shiny in your etsyshop!

Visa Lisa said...

It was a rather easy knit, but I grew tired of picking up 50 sts at a time. Once the sts were on the needle each fan was both easy and rather fun!

Anna said...

Den där sjalen är fantastisk! Shit vilket tålamod du har! Så himla vacker!