Monday, October 24, 2011


I knitted a cowl, a hood, a shoulder snug, a shawl and a piece of knitted jewelry all in one! A simple but effective woolen hoop. I call it Smarge (Small, Medium and Large!)

I needed this garment, so I designed it. It's dead simple, but so wearable. The simple stitch pattern gives the fabric a little life, plus it lays flat and is reversible. It's a chevron pattern that is built in the contrast between knits and purls.

I can imagine this cowl might look very different in other yarns and colors, where this contrast is more pronounced. But I love my version in Manos Wool Clasicas bright red. I sell this pattern both through Ravelry (button below) and through Garnasinne, a new Swedish web shop for ecologically friendly and/ or fairtrade yarns (shop page in Swedish).

The pattern is availible in both English and Swedish.

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