Monday, September 10, 2012


It is done. ROTOR is released.
This is a cog in my design machinery.

It started with machines. Cogs, metal, hard, mechanic. 
This hard inspiration met my love of yarn and the construction, the mechanics, the maths of knitting.
As per usual, I landed in the knit stitch. Our cog in the machinery.
Knit and purl being the same thing, but yet so different. It’s all about what side you turn outwards.
The shawl is reversible and beautiful however you wrap it around you. From the inside out. All the way out to the lace. The cogs.
ROTOR is knit from the middle and outwards. It features details like “reversible middle stitches”, I-cord tab cast on and I-cord edges. The panels of stockinette stitch alter, adding purlsides and knitsides to both sides.
If you choose to use another yarn, I would recommend solids to semisolids and variegated, but I would stay away from the self striping for this one…
I am immensly proud of this shawl. Not only of its very architectural design process and the details I've worked so hard on, but of the collaborations it has generated. Easyknits has dyed the spectacular Deeply Wicked yarn in metallic inspired colors just for ROTOR. The prototype is knit in "Copper Petina". 
The pictures were taken at Bäreberg junk yard. One of my favorite places on earth - filled with metallic scraps. 

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