Monday, April 18, 2005


I found this picture and I realised I forgot one of the dreams I had as a kid. I saw a documentary once on amazonian manatees and fell in love. Before I die, I want to meet one of these guys in person.
I'll call him Manny


Mandy said...

Ohh, what a beautiful photo. I hope you can meet one. :)

Caroline said...

My uncle has a boat in the Florida Keys. One of these big guys was always loitering around, floating on his back. We'd scratch his belly with a broom handle, and give him fresh water to drink out of a hose... he LOVED that. They are very gentle kind giants - ours was easily the size of a station wagon. You can touch their faces, and they have whiskers that prickle your hands. Of course they are horribly injured by people every day, who think it's funny to ignore the 'no wake' zones.