Friday, April 15, 2005

questions and answers

More questions and more answers. Mandy's right: Questionnaires are good for blogging. It's easier to blog without any real inspiration for writing having a questionnaire to follow... So this is one I got in Swedish a couple of months ago. I just translated the questions and answered them all over again:
1: Open up a book near by. Turn to page 12. What's the fourth sentence in that page?
My passion, both as psychiatrist and as Dice Man, has been to change human personality. (The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart stands by the computer since I've been reading it to Spencer. It's crazy but great.)

2: Reach out your left arm as far as you can. What do you touch first?
The door of a closet with my schedule taped to it. I can't stretch though... It's like 20cm from my shoulder.

3: What are you wearing?:
Black underwear. Black pantyhose. Black knee long skirt with grey flowers. Grey socks with pink dots and dark grey legwarmers. Grey tight top under my huge, soft, thick, lovely, black, long, knitted turtleneck sweater. Glasses.

4: What's on the walls in the room you're in?:
Mostly wardrobes. A hatrack with a chaos of shawls, jackets, gloves and bags on it. A mirror. Shelves with ringbinders and architecture books. (Did I mention I have my "office" in my hallway)

5: What's the view out the window like?:
I have no window here, but if I look through the livingroom I see greyish, foggy weather and a tree trunk with some branches on it. (They just cut off most of the crown of the maple tree beside my balcony.)

6: Who was the last person you shared a bed with?:
Person? I was going to say my stuffed dog... but okay... last was... my friend Josefin (Just SLEEPING, you guys!). Sad but true. This question makes me feel lonely.

7: If you ever give someone flowers, what kind of flowers do you choose?:
Something that suits the receiver. I'm the florist's nightmare (or dream) since I love to compose the bouquet myself, often with strange but lovely combinations.

8: Have you ever worn your pyjamas in public?:
Not that I can recall, and I guess that would mean being naked in public since I sleep nude. I think I would remember if that had happened. Well, if you don't count running outside after 20 min in a sauna or skinny dipping. I've done both.

9: Your three favorite things in your room?:
I only have one room. The rest of the apartment is kitchen, hallway, bathroom. I have to say my two paintings that I've made myself. One of them can be seen here. (update later: oups, I forgot to name a third thing... I think that'll have to be the toy cabinet my mother got when she was four that I had in my room as a kid and that still stands in my room fitting in perfectly and making me feel very much like home.)

10: What color is your shower curtain?:
There is no curtain. I have a Huge shower cabin with sliding doors in glass. The man who lived here before me used to have a bathtub and when they renovated he chose to just put up a glass wall and keep the whole area... I have like 2 square metres to dance around naked in under streaming water.

11: What's behind you?:
Kitchen door, mirror, bathroom door. Nothing exiting at all. Boring question.

12: Have you ever bought anything in an internet auction (like e-bay)?:
Yes. My mother got an antique teapot from a series she loves that I bought online. And I have a broche I bought in the same place. It's silver and shows the family crest of the Medici family in renaissance Florence.

13: What do you order in a café?:
Latte Grande. Or coffee with two sugars and milk. And perhaps a muffin on rare occasions. Anyway, it's not the coffee or the muffin but the company that matters. Even though I sometimes go to sit in a café by myself, but then I usually have the company of a book.

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