Tuesday, June 21, 2005


dragonflyflyshrimp (Mandy's got this ring)
I also want to post stuff about beautiful stuff I make, but I haven't done much recently and if I have I haven't been able to update my website with it because my computer is acting weird. But since I read a few knitting blogs nowadays I often feel jealous or inspired by other people's creativity. And then I think to myself "I can't do that", but then I add "...but I can do this!" and look at one of my paintings or wear one of my necklaces... and so on. But since I haven't really documented anything new recently I thought I'd make sure that you all have seen my online portfolio at least. Though keep in mind there is more to be added to this page - soon.
Just wanted to brag a bit by sayin "I make stuff too!" without sounding too big headed...

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danmoore said...

Hi Lisa, this is Mandy's bro Dan. Thank you for your comment. I feel so sorry for your moss covered boards and gear, but snowboarding does take a lot of time and money if your gonna do it right. Mandy has told me about your sorceress-like powers "attacking" Canada, unlucky me i'm not there. Reading your entry i was thinking, i wanna make something and post it, but i can't make anything other than gigantic powder turns. I'm learning to play the guitar, i suppose i could post guitar riffs. Anyway, i'm glad i have your blog address now and thanks for welcoming me to the community.