Monday, June 06, 2005

top ten

Since I claimed in my last post that the robot body builder pushed the Kindergarten Cop off the top ten of weirdest moments in history, I guess it's only fair that I post the full list. Remember, this is my list, and I know there are weirder moments that I didn't think of right now. I'm not afraid of change though, so feel free to send in your favorites to challenge my top ten! So here it is:

Top Ten Weirdest Things (according to Lisa)
1. George W Bush reelected
2. Barbie
3. (why?)
4. robot body builders (see previous post)
5. prejudice in general (It exists. Embrace it alright?)
6. sacrificing everything over money
("So it destroyed our planet... but I earned millions from it!")
7. overly bendy people
8. all those guiness records that nobody knows about
9. reality show participants referred to as "celebrities" or "stars"
10. the time and effort put into certain flash animations
(I love this one!)

...and I guess I have to add that comedies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (and the fact that he's now governor!) is still lurking around at a hypothetical no. 11.

And I thought about putting mirrors on the list too, but mirrors are too weird so they didn't make the list.

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Anonymous said...

Mirrors look great on video though.