Sunday, November 27, 2005

happy birthday

There is a very apropriate soundtrack to listen to while reading this post. The artist is called Jens Lekman and you can find a pre-listen version of it here. Spencer called and played it to me this morning. You're so sweet! Thank you!

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. I think I'm living life instead of writing about it right now. I see friends, I regain lost friends, I've gained a few new friends. I'm preparing for two trips. First, I'm leaving for Scotland on Wednesday, where I'll see two new but dear friends and I'll go see Antony & the Johnsons live in Glasgow. I can't wait.

Another thing I can't wait for is December 15. I'm going to Canada. Finally. A lot is going on and Spencer seems to be doing well, despite his impatience which is, if possible, worse than mine.

Today is my birthday (Whopdi-doo!) and I've celebrated this whole week as it seems now. I've had J and Jch over for dinner, I've been at K's house for a fabulous three course meal in my honour, and today I'll go see the Godfather movies and eat italian food with my friend E. His birthday is Wednesday so we're making a joint effort to congratulate each other today.

I found that picture of the cake on google, but for next year I really would like a Pantheon shaped cake...


Natalie said...

aaaaaaaaaaaand happy birthday! (here too)

caro said...

Happy Birthday!

jodi said...

Happy birthday, Lisa. I'm so excited for you going to Canada, even if I won't get to see you there.

What is that cake supposed to be, a Carnegie library?

Mandy said...

Yaaaayyy, Lisa!!! I'm so glad you've been having many celebrations, those are the best birthdays. :)

There is a traditional Canadian birthday song I'd like to sing to you. This is dfferent from the one you have likely heard; it is traditionally sung by 6-year-olds. *ahem*

Happy Birthday to You,
You live in a zoo,
You look like a monkey,
And you smell like one, too!

Oh, those 6-year-olds can be so cruel.
You don't look like a monkey. and I'm sure you don't smell like one. But I'd still love you if you did. ;)

Happy birthday Lisa!!! :D

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday!
Antony & the Johnsons are just great, I bet that will be a fun show!