Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This is insane. I got an email today, in Swedish obviously, but a translated version of it goes something like this:

Hi Lisa,

My name is [her name] and I am an intern reporter at [a huge, glossy woman's magazine here]. We're making a blog guide for our readers and would like to get some interviews with some good bloggers. I now wonder if you'd be interested to participate? If you want we could do the interview over the phone and I can email you the questions in advance. My phone number is [her phone number]

[her name again]

I have already accepted, but I do wonder what I got myself into. This primarily is about my blog in Swedish of course, but there's a link from there to here, and it's not all that different either. However I have already removed all the links to other blogs from my sidebar. I don't know if this is to generate more readers eventually and I don't know when either (I'm guessing not untilk next month at least), but I just felt as if it was the right thing to do. For now. I still LOVE you who were in that list though. Have no fear.

Isn't this Crazy?


jodi said...

It is kind of crazy. Internet-fame will soon be yours! Mwahahaha. One more step in the takeover of the free world.

And, no hard feelings about the removed sidebar links. Enough people are exposed to my potty mouth already.

Natalie said...

hey, this is great! congratulations!

caro said...

fun stuff!

Rachael said...

Things are going well for you! And soon you'll be on this side of the pond! Yay, you.