Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Note to self: All you need to go to hell is a cat and a big bowl of water.

I know I'm a year behind, but I didn't see this movie until tonight. It is a creative mix of fantasy, religion, Blade Runner, James Bond and Matrix. Our own Peter Stormare kicks ass as Satan and the very crossgender type arch angel of Gabriel is played to perfection by Tilda Swinton (Who I didn't like half as much as the White Witch of Narnia). Sure we giggled and scrutinized, snorted and critisized, but it's still worth seeing. I think.


Mandy said...

Constantine is a guilty pleasure of mine. I saw it for $8 so I picked it up - I love the visuals, and sometimes you just need some stupid, dark fantasy stuff. My usual line is "it would have been a great movie if any writers or actors had been involved" (thinking of the 2 leads)... but in truth, I like it more than that. :)

Zee said...

Hey, I just saw it for the first time a few weeks ago, and have since then seen it more times than I can recall. I absolutely LOVE the movie. Excellent in every way. :)

I plan on purchasing it. 'It will be mine... oh yes, it will be mine.' :)