Monday, March 27, 2006


My Tubey is coming along. My sketch in my "Designer's Journal" explains how I'm adjusting it to my own taste. Yarn: One strand Karisma superwash from Garnstudio and one Garnstudio's Alpaca. I've only finished one sleeve so far (The other one is elbow length still), but boy have I finished it.

Let me say it slowly: I - c o r d. My red I-cord hem is just... (I'm trying to say something not too smug here about how happy I am with it) perfect. That's the word.

Then there is the body to do. I have some math, some learning and some picking up stitches to do before I really can tell if this is going as well as I think it is. Sorry to brag people, but this thing might turn out just... (Here's that word thing again...) perfect.


jodi said...

Oh, this is going to be beautiful. I love the idea of the red piping, it reminds me of those Russian men's shirts from the middle ages.

Super Bowl Slim said...

Your I-cord is perfect, take pride! The sweater looks like it's going to be beautiful!

Leigh said...

I would be happy with a nicely finished result like that too. And those colours are great together. You're knitting skills are fairly racing ahead!

Rachel T said...

Looks great. I'm about to start a Tubey and yours is whetting my appetite!! Oh, I'm new to your blog, hi!!