Friday, July 28, 2006


My balcony is a lovely place.
My eight-year-old cousin is asleep on the couch and at first I felt... obligated to come and sit here to give him some peace and quiet. But now, I realise that this is where I should spend the end of each summer day. It's been warmed up all day, so I can sit all night in just a t-shirt. I light some candles (hardly needed. Swedish summer nights are bright.) and I brought my laptop and my knitting. It's this perfect little place! I'll spend half an hour here before I join my little cousin and go to sleep. We've been at a pool all day and we're tanned (read: burned up) and exhausted.
A few breaths of night air and a couple of stitches later I hopefully will have turned "exhausted" into "at peace".


spencer said...

you have the best balcony in the world.

Tigre said...

sounds like you either have a cool balcony or the best weed.