Saturday, September 09, 2006


Warning: If you want to hold on to your lunch: Do not read more than the last three phrases.

A lot circles around my bandaged foot and treating it well. It's still swollen around the wound and I wear a support sock kind of bandage - all the time. It's three layers of Tight Sock. My leg has the striped pattern of the textile texture and my foot ITCHES. Bad. I take it off at night and I sleep with my foot on a pillow, but there is still the yukky factor to be considered... Having been bandaged tight for a long time, my foot sheds its skin. It looks like a flesh toned fish's back under my sole. I feel disgusting.

Apart from limping and grossing myself out I started my First pair of socks yesterday. I'm making a beige version of the Baudelaire and it's turning out beautiful! Photos to follow eventually (of socks. Not of gross foot).

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jodi said...

I was actually eating my lunch while reading, and would have been just fine had you compared your foot to anything other than a fish. But, I can't handle hearing the word "fish" while I'm eating any time. ;)

Hang in there, and use the forced rest to be really productive with sit-down activities (knit yourself something fabulous, something you'll be beautiful in).