Monday, October 02, 2006

seasons change

I can smell the rain from where I sit on the couch when the balcony door is ajar.
The weather is as ambivalent about the season as I am about life, but right now everything is the way it is supposed to be. Tea in a big cup, a blanket, a lit candle that flickers in the draft from the rainy outdoors... It all says autumn. October. The present. And me. Right here.
My foot is healing. I cleaned up the biggest mess. I wrote all those emails and I finished that text. I’m calm. I got a grip on that economy chaos that had me tossing and turning in the night before. I’m handling it. I’m handling this year and I’m handling me. It’s about time.
It is finally the way it should be. No more summer heat in October and no more me being lost within myself, thank you very much.

Now let’s pray it keeps raining. Just for a while at least.


jodi said...

Lisa, I'm so glad to hear that things are getting better, that you're finding peace within yourself.

I wish I was sitting there right now, in just the scenario you describe. Today was another scorcher here, and I find myself longing for autumn every moment I'm outside. Knowing I won't experience real autumn again until the fall of 2008 makes it hard to bear.

Mandy said...

It was lovely to talk to you the other day. I'm glad you're finding your way through. Sometimes life really comes at you like a swarm of hornets, doesn't it?