Monday, October 09, 2006

scar tissue

The nurse that has been looking after my wounds couldn't keep it bottled up any longer today. She just had to say something about how stupid my doctor was not to have been more careful when closing and stitching up the wounds. "Now you risk getting grotesque scars!" she said.

Then, she continued, that it's up to me now. I need to maintain it. I need to tape it up. Scarring takes up to a year and if I keep those scars tight it might be ok. So now I need to tape my feet for a year. Yee ha.
Or, I just don't, and I get monster feet to scare small children with. Hah! It's almost as if I don't care anymore. Stupid feet.

On another note I've knitted a gorgeous shawl, and I'm starting my secon Baudelaire sock tonight. Pictures soon. I just need to block, photograph and well... get around to it first.


Anonymous said...

Your feet are lovely things, withor without the scars.

Mandy said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Lisa. I'm glad she was able to ive you useful advice. How are you feeling?

jodi said...

Lisa, it's been so long. Is everything okay?

Miss you,