Wednesday, December 06, 2006

mitts and cups

I haven't written in English in quite some time, and there are many reasons why, yet none at all, so let's just say I haven't and be done with it: I haven't.
(Though I wish I would more often. A lot of interesting things happening, going on and so forth - one of which is that I believe in my knitting abilities enough to SHARE IT now! Yes, I have designed! (Save the applause!) Unfortunately, the two patterns so far are still only availible in Swedish, BUT, (you can start cheering again) I plan on translating them!
It is all availible here:

And yes, I'll try to write more soon. Some of you have personal emails, letters or phone calls coming your way, and for the rest of you I can only quote a square jawed governor on this one: I'll be back.


Mandy said...

I celebrate your triumphant return. ;)

jodi said...

Lisa, it's good to see you back. And that's lovely work, too.