Friday, November 02, 2007

new cast on!

I learned a new way to cast on today and the edge becomes really neat! I must put my camera in somebody elses hands to photograph my own hands doing it to share it with all of you. I will! Promise!

The lady who taught me said she learned from her grandmother when she was a child. Now she was past 80 years old. She came from northern Sweden and claimed this was a traditional cast on from her parts of my beautiful country. Now it will live for a few more generations, because I'll use this a lot!

I met her, and seven other wonderful little ladies today as I was the hostess of a mini knitting café at the museum I work at. We had a cosy little chat about tradition, today, knitting, yarn and inspiration. I dare say it was one of those rare moments where nine people around a table really teach each other something new. I came away from that event with inspiration, a new cast on method and a big smile.

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