Friday, November 02, 2007

((opening fanfare))

I saw a movie the other night ("Catch me if you can" - actually very entertaining despite low expectations) and had it subtitled in English, as I often do. The problem is, it's often subtitled "for the hearing impaired" which makes me laugh my head off every once in a while. This time, the background music was subtitled too (!), and in between my fits of laughter I thought that this would make for a humorous and very illustrative way to blog! Blogging with background sound! Blogging with a soundtrack! I just have to try it...

In the beginning of the movie the subtitles explained to us that the background played a "jazzy saxophone in accelerating melody". After a while "orchestra picks up melody" and later still "solo guitar". Sometimes we apparently listened to "stressful beats" and sometimes "flutes in calm melody"... My question is - How does this help a deaf person? All input welcome.

One thing I am certain of though ((Dramatic crescendo)) - it does help a blogger!

So here we go: My latest knitting adventures accompanied by music for the hearing impaired! ((Duh-duh-DUMMMM))

((solo guitar building mood))
I cast on a shawl that might Blow My Mind if it turns out the way I hope! ((flutes join a romantic fantasy)) I chose a chocolate brown merino and cast on Elann's Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl and I can't wait to see how it goes! Pictures to come when I have more than three rows to show.

Also I'm working on a top down raglan that I'm improvising as I go and so far it's going great! ((Be bop improv scatting)) I'll try it on again tomorrow or the day after and I hope to show you photos this weekend... I love my top downs.

((A single oboe lingers in a jazz mood for the finale))
With that I leave you for now. Even if you know the language, turn on the subtitles sometimes, for that extra jazzy flavor! But having tried it, I can't really recommend subtitles for blogging...

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You forgot ((big rock and roll drum ending)).