Friday, July 22, 2011

signed yarn

Wednesday was my bestest I's birthday and I went bearing gifts I bought at Knitnation. Being a knitter like me, I (and several of the guests) understands the beauty of yarn, patterns and needles. She had mulberry silk and a skein of Handmaiden silk and other wonderful knit related parcels. But I thought I'd tell you what I gave her:

First - a copy of Little Red in the City - signed with a birthday greeting by the ever awesome and lovely Ysolda. Thanks Ysolda!
Second - a skein of Socktopus yarn which I (kind of awkwardly) asked both sockdesigning geniuses Socktopus herself (the ever so wonderful Alice) and the ever smiling under blue bangs cute Cookie to sign! They wrote suggestions to what design of theirs they would knit in that particular color. Thank you both for that!
(Photo borrowed from I's rav-stash)
The gift was very much appreciated, and I think "signed yarn" is quite as good an idea as "signed book".

(There's more signed yarn in my bag, but I haven't given it away yet, so shhhh!)

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