Monday, August 08, 2011

Knit camp

I've been to knit camp and some people has asked me what it is and how it's done.
Short answer is: It's a knitting oasis.

Long answer is: A Swedish knitting site (whose owner is one of my closest friends) organises whole weekends as knit retreats. We went to the same place at about the same time last year and it was the best four days ever - until these past four days.

The place is booked for Just Us. There are cabins (no electricity - but a fireplace in each) where we stay in groups of three or four. It's located in the middle of absolutely nowhere in the vast forests of Dalarna, up on a ridge, and the views, the landscapes around it, the sunsets are spectacular!

Next to the little row of cabins there's a main house where iphone addicted knitters can charge their darlings and keep in touch with the outside world if they want. I didn't particularly want to. Here is also where we gather if it rains and here is where we eat. Three times a day the wonderful peple who run this place come out and tell you that "Food is served!" or "Now there's coffee for everyone!". It's part of the deal.

So what do we do? We eat, sleep, knit and laugh. That's it.

No cooking, no alarm clocks, no must do or should do, no laundry, no checking email, no stress. Basically it's a meditation retreat - with yarn. Yes - that good.

Also Ateljé Norrgården (Save that link - they will be THE yarn you want forever and ever if you try it. The site is as of yet only available in Swedish, but google translate can work wonders...) brought some yarn to sell and dye.
There was a raffle (In which I won a skein of Handmaiden Lace Silk! Yay!) and then there was me teaching a top down garment design workshop.

It will be an annual event, so guess what I'm saving up for? Yup - I'll go again next year. Fo' sho'!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely a knitting oasis! I had a wonderful time, even if a certain teacher rattled off Swedish so fast that I couldn't keep up! ;) Next year it is!