Saturday, August 20, 2011

kollage square circulars

When at KnitNation I was told Kollage doesn't make their square needles as circulars... but I knew they at least had. So I came home and looked around and found a place that sold them, so I bought one. I love the square dpns, and was hoping for the same needle bliss... I was wrong.

Now I've figured it out. Kollage made circulars, but stopped, because the cable sucks. No I'm not exaggerating. It was actually impossible to knit with. The cable is flimsy and long and the joint to the needle folds so easily, I had to stop every five stitches and move stitches one by one from cable to needle.

I was told Kollage is going to release circulars (again) within the year. If they do, I'll look for reviews before I buy one. I'm hoping the pause in production is about finding a different solution for the cable.

My Kollage Square Circulars will now be part of my curiosity cabinet rather than the usable needle collection...

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