Tuesday, October 25, 2005


You know those movies with impossible endings... Where there are like seven different endings to a story and after fading scene number five the whole movie theatre yells out in chorus: "Enough already!"
The movie that lended its title to this post is one of those (I hated it because of it). That title also reflects what I feel.

I feel trapped in a situation where I'm helpless. Someone or something is messing up my fairytale ending. It's an Entrapment kind of ending. In many ways.

I'm going to Stockholm tomorrow. My mother is taking me to a luxury spa with an overnight stay! It's more than what I need in many, many ways...

I'll be back home Sunday, after having had five days off, meeting friends and spending time with my mum. Hopefully I'll have the energy to write something of substance sometime soon after that.

... and she lived happily ever after... eventually.


Mandy said...

Have fun with your Mom, Lisa. I feel like I wasn't much use when you called earlier, but I'm glad you called. Thinking of you a lot. :(

indigirl said...

Another post with me saying that although I haven't met you, I love ya. Have a blast with your mom - the spa sounds perfect.