Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The new life thing is working out! Step by step (oooh baby, gonna get to you gi-i-i-i-irl) I'm becoming the new me. I want to emphasize (spelling?) how I'm doing this little by little without expecting overnight change, like I usually do with these things.

And I'm knitting again. I just started a BIG sweater project (not Pilar - yet) and I'll get back to you about that one. And I started another pair of gauntlets / mittens, though another pattern and in red alpaca. I need a green set and a red set of mittens, hat, shawl. It's how I am.
Speaking of which, does anyone have an idea for a shawl, triangular, huge, preferably some kind of easy lace pattern that I could do in red alpaca? For the set. I'm looking at patterns I already have and I can't decide. It could be because I'm insanely jealous of the huge shawl Mandy got from Amy. It looks soooooo amazing. Something like that? In red? Could I make it? Too difficult?



Mandy said...

Hey L, I definitely think you could make that shawl. The lace pattern itself isn't any more complex than what you've done already, the only thing that's more difficult is that the shawl is shaped as you knit it (10 sts decreased every 8 rows). Email me? :)

Mandy said...

...and, uh, I'm very curious about your new life. Especially since I never find you on MSN lately (now that I started going back on myself). Good luck with whatever's going on. :)

indigirl said...

You could totally do it. As Mandy said, the main pain in the butt is that you cast on like 299 sts and then decrease as you go. So those first few rows can be painful. If you swatch out the pattern first, you'll be fine. The lace itself is easy.