Thursday, October 13, 2005


It was time. Though I fought against it as long as I could. Borrowing one from a colleague at one point. Using my cell phone other times.
But I finally gave in and bought a new wrist watch.

I haven't had one in years, and I love the lifestyle that comes with not owning a watch. You don't count minutes. I'm never late. I come places in advance. Now, I'll be able to get there just in time, which probably means I'll be late every once in a while. I know this from experience.

Plus, the constant ticking drives me insane! Leaning my chin in my hand with my new watch on? I don't think so. That lets it come way too close to my ear.

Wrist watch. Though perfectly good looking and accurate.
Wrist watch - damnit.

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jodi said...

I am one of those non-watch-wearers who lives for the moment (and shows up early for everything). As long as you have your knitting, it's okay to be a little early. Plus, when people ask for the time, I can say "sorry. I live for the moment" and brandish my watchless wrist. Hee.