Thursday, February 09, 2006


So... Officially Nuts. That's me. So, my Java turned into a bowl-holder, so the frustration over that just made me this in the last two hours:

I was supposed to work, but having my own firm I can work later... My head was working with work stuff, but the hands made a cup. Yes. A knitted cup. I made it up, and take away lattes will totally fit it. It's totally cute don't you think?


Mandy said...

C'est tres jolie. :) What yarn is it? Are you going to felt your "bowl-holder"? unsolicited suggestion: You could felt it, then cut it and sew it to the right shape. The overlap could be cut into a handle.
Hm... why haven't I ever wanted to make one myself? Suddenly, it seems like a good idea...


Marji said...

lovely cuppa - felting it would def make it tighter and smaller. What exactly is the crochet bind off?
quickie question: could you maybe translate the comment you left on the colchique-along? curious minds want to know.
and best of luck knitting on the Swedish Olympic team. Myself, I'm on team USA and team Merlot, as well as the "What Was I Thinking" team