Tuesday, February 07, 2006



This is the most impatient knitting project ever. Being a gift for my friend J, he didn't have to be completed for another week or so, but being very eager to present himself to the world, he made me finish and blog him even before I've had the chance to give him away! I'm sorry J. He forced me to reveal him by blackmail! (He said I couldn't knit that other thingie I wanted until he had both legs attached. See? Two legs.)

He's based on the Kate pattern from Knitty and I don't think I've ever been, nor will ever be so precise when following a pattern. All I did was change the colors... Oh, wait! Sture, why are you leaving?

Oh, you're right! I changed the sex too. See, Sture is not a girl as Kate is. He's a boy. Definately. J named him even before he was born. There Sture. Are you happy now that I told everyone how masculine you are then? Good. There you have him everybody. Sture.

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jodi said...

Oh, how cute. I want to make that very badly, and even though I suspect it's a quick knit, there's no time right now. Yours is adorable!