Saturday, April 01, 2006

wearing birch

Different ways to wear a huge shawl:

Just lain over the shoulders. Must be careful not to trip over the ends though...

Better to tie those around your waist and wear it like a shrug. This is the comfiest shrug ever.

If I lift the back you can see how it's tied two times around the waist.

Or you can just tie it behind your back. You just have to beware of the long tails dragging behind you...

Or you can snuggle in it wrapped around your neck. This goes four times around. Either with it haning down the back to show off the pattern or like a bib in the front. It looks good however really...


Mandy said...

Thank you, Lisa! :) Most obliging of you. I need to get over my shawl issues and wear it in public as a shawl. Okay. Breathe in. Breathe out. Ande's coming over for lunch and I need gorceries... I'll wear my Birch to get groceries... right now. Wish me luck! ;)

By the way, in case I haven't mentioned recently, I freaking love your haircut.

Spencer said...

Beautiful! Stunning! Gorgeous!

The Birch is lovely too!

Zee said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Wow... simply amazing. Really nice job on that one. Perhaps this will go on my list of 'want to knits'. :)

I absolutely LOVE where you are standing. I'd love to be there, right now, taking a stroll. *grin*