Sunday, December 12, 2004

christmas bliss(ter)

I wrapped some presents yesterday and they are beautiful! I use black paper and black string, but with the red wax seal holding a straw heart or star and a red label it looks festive and sofisticated at the same time. However, yesterday I managed to drip some wax on my finger and it hurts. The blister makes me think of bubble wrap, and it's hard not to pop it. I went to bed yesterday with a band aid holding an ice cube to my finger.
Anyway, I finished Douglas Coupland's "Hey Nostradamus" today and it's great. I'm buying another Coupland next time I see a book store.
Now, the candles are lit and Sunday Evening with the Sketch Pad has officially begun. I need to get these drawings done, though I hate creating stuff on demand.
Wish me luck!

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