Thursday, December 16, 2004


a little down
I’ve badly needed to reinstall my computer for quite some time now. It’s finally done, but not without complications of course. I bought a new hard drive too, and I now have 200 wonderfully empty Gigabytes to fill with more words, images, music and more of me. I look forward to it. The biggest computer related problem I have left is reinstalling all the software. It turns out I’ve lost a couple of serial numbers, and I need help with the configurations for my homepage domain to be able to post stuff there. Plus, my guestbook on my website was hacked and all my friends who want to leave a message are joyfully greeted by the “kinky ass shit-“ (or something like that) –webpage. Wonderful…

On the bright side, all the complications have left me with a whole lot of new knowledge about computers and a better office pack than the one I had. And as Word is like an addiction, that feels good. Photoshop is working too and that’s a relief, since these (insert cursing) illustrations aren’t completely done yet. No, don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed doing them, but creating on demand is tough.

What else? Well… S went AWOL on me. I didn’t hear anything for three days though I left like ten messages. I’ll probably embarrass him by writing about it here, but he deserves it. I was worried sick. He’s fine though, as I finally got hold of him this morning and seeing and hearing him again was wonderful! It felt as if someone lifted a very heavy stone off my chest, I’ve been so worried! I sure hope he gets that by now; that I care enough to worry. And S… will you please care enough to not give me any reason to worry like that. Thank you.
As I talked to him this morning I watched him open the Christmas gift I sent him, and it was appreciated. I’m glad. And the brown and white one was the best by far. And I’m sorry I didn’t make them myself Mandy… I’m just not as good at that as you are.

The happiest parts of my life right now are my friends. No doubt about it. Friends that call and care. Friends like Jch that lend me their scanner and spends a whole night making it work here. I am ever so grateful. It saved a lot of my mental health and time. And then there is the band – a new and very bright spot in my life.
And then there is my sister J. The 14th of December was the one year anniversary of mine and J’s friendship. I can’t believe it’s only been one year! And she sent me flowers! The card said “Happy anniversary babe” and I cried. That I have friends like that in my life... I’m lucky. I know.

This turns out to be a rather long post with mostly boring information for most of you. I’m sorry about that, but this is my life and my blog so… tough. I never promised I’d only write about love camels. I hope to post something happier soon though.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I'm so happy you are blogging now! Zak sent me the link and I just checked it out. I will read you regularly now that I know you are here. My blog should be back online soon, I hope, maybe before Christmas. Take care, Lisa! :)

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!
Just to say HELLO!! from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. I´m a little too far from your homeland but feels nice to read something from you!
Happy X-Mas!

David Meléndez