Friday, February 25, 2005


I live between two hospitals. I’m used to ambulances passing outside, but moments ago the twirling blue lights did seem a little much, so I went out on the balcony and THIS is what I saw. The ambulances weren’t passing. They had stopped. Three of them. And so had two firetrucks (one is out of frame on the photo).
Reason: The poor busdriver had ran his bus into the traffic light post. Why? I guess only the busdriver and his now evacuated passengers know. The weird thing is that it was the blue lights that made me notice this going on just outside my window. Not the crash.
What did this busdriver do? And what kind of injuries requiring three ambulances do you get from a bus driving into a post in the middle of an intersection, turning… He must have been driving very slowly, because it’s in the middle of the turn, so I’m guessing there must be a car hidden behind the bus in the photo, and that there is a big dent in the side of the bus as well. I can see no other explanation to justify three ambulances and two fire trucks… This is normally a quiet neighborhood, but a few ambulances can very suddenly make you get in that Cagney-and-Lacey-action kind of mood… (Remember those by the way? They’re on the air again here now. Though very late at night as if they’re afraid anyone will notice).

On a completely different note:
I’m shocked by the total lack of humour in some people… Last Saturday, in a yearly music competition show on TV, one of the hosts was a Swedish comedian by the name of Henrik Schyffert. He made an appearance as the indian chief “Shaved Beaver” dressed in bottomless chaps.
He spoke in an ugh-ugh kind of incomprehensible language, with subtitles “translating” his ughs as comments to the competition and the show. Even though the naked-butt-and-make-fun-of-show-business humour hadn’t appealed to me yet in life, this was actually hilarious. However…
The Swedish-Indian association (?) has now reported the sketch for “agitation against an ethnic group” and the errand is actually being handled by the police! I didn’t know the Swedish-Indian association existed before this and I suspect it’s a publicity scam to attract new Humourless Native American Swedes to their ranks. If not:
Why didn’t anyone ever report the Village People?

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Rachael said...

There is something to the urgency of those sirens, huh? Even when you're the one sending them to where they need to go, when they go past my place of work, they kind of amp me up....