Monday, February 21, 2005


Last time he was here...
I hoped for it for sure, but I never dreamed it would happen so soon.

Eddie is coming back to Gothenburg, and I have a ticket. YAY!
This time it's not in some shitty bar with rude waitresses, but in a theatre and J will be home and she's going too and maybe an online-aquintance I haven't met yet will also come along... As if "Eddie's coming to town" could get any better!?
We didn't get to sit together, but as long as I can see and hear Eddie, I really don't mind.

Today is February 21. He'll be on stage on March 15. Countdown.

(And yes, finally, that is in fact a picture of me. Not the best one ever taken, from a vanity point of view, but Eddie is standing right next to me so it's a great photo no matter what I look like.)

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