Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I don't vomit. I just don't. I hate throwing up so much my body really has to force me if I need to. I even feel a little sick writing about vomitting here. Since my stomach flu or whatever it was when I was 11 years old I have vomitted 7 times all in all. Three of those seven times were yesterday.

I shivered under three quilts and a blanket while being covered in sweat. I was dizzy. And I vomitted. In short: pure horror.
In my world vomitting is a sure sign that you'll die.

I almost died yesterday. Well it felt as if...

Mummy said food poisoning. Thank GOD! Today I had a big presentation and introduction at a school where I'm helping kids do a project to get a better schoolyard. I could NOT be home sick today. And mum was right. I was fine this morning. I didn't die. Even though I vomitted.

The introduction went fine and I feel as if my life is really beginning to pick up speed.

And the big book sale started today. Tomorrow I'm shopping for books and drawing some illustrations... Sometimes I get paid to draw. Sometimes I have a great life.


Rachael said...

No! That's awful! Me, I'm a fan of the throwing up -- if you're that sick, you always feel better afterward, but you poor thing.... Glad you're better.

Mandy said...

Lisa, I totally sympathize about your vomit horror. I feel exactly the same way, and I vomit about as often. Bleah. :(
How exciting, though, about all your other life things going on! Good luck with your presentation!! xox