Saturday, July 16, 2005


I'll try and tell you all about it, but right now it's all just empty.
It is a fairytale worth telling, but not just yet.

He left yesterday and all my words tend to be about missing, rather than other more pleasant feelings and happy memories that I do want to tell you about. Because it felt just as right as I didn't dare dream it would, and it is just as complicated as I have already told you, and therefore I can't find the words for any fairytale right now. Not just yet.

I am smiling talking about him again, so the words might be on their way. But not just yet.

Thank you who have been kind enough to tell me you care, or the occasional "yay for you!" - I really appriciate it! (Though I'm crap at answering comments just yet, keep commenting and emailing and I'll be better! Promise!) But please don't ask me how I am just now. Not just yet.

I am not at all right now. Just empty.

Spencer - I miss you. (It weighs alot. ;)


jodi said...

Good luck. If it's right, you can do it.

Anonymous said...

you're missed too.

oh look a shiny thing said...

JAG er din hemmafrun