Sunday, July 31, 2005

things that begin with the letter S

- socks shoes slippers and Sanna.

Pictures everyboody! Pictures!

Blogger finally decided to let their Blogger Images work for me, or rather I figured out I had it and didn't need to install anything to use it. Duh. So there'll be more images in this blog from now on! Yay!

I'll use this occasion to introduce a very dear friend of mine: Sanna.

Sanna has been in Germany for six months and is finally back in Sweden again. I've missed her so badly! And now this talented beauty is with all probability off to My City Paris for another six months! And I'm saving up to go to Canada... not Paris... Argh, how money can be such a stupid problem! I want to go to Paris too! But no way I'm screwing up my chances to go to Canada now.
At least I've had the opportunity to enjoy her company for two full days now, and a night out yesterday that was a lot of fun in spite of rain and a stupid little misunderstanding thingie with a loved one.
Anyway, Sanna brought me gifts from Germany. First of all she bought me pig shaped candy in a pink bag with the name Fred Ferkel in bright blue across it. I laughed until I cried. They taste like candy chemicals, but surprisingly good. I haven't taken a picture of the bag yet, but I might even post it. Hilarious.
Furthermore she had bought me these:

As many of you know I'm not a knitter myself, but a mere knitter wannabe (I Will Master Knitting. One Day. Mark My Words.) but for all you knitters out there: Aren't these Fabulous!? I love them! Socks, shoes and slippers in one! When I learn how to knit properly I'm making these for everybody for Christmas!
Thank you Sanna! You truly know me and you truly rock.

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