Tuesday, January 11, 2005

[Barry Manilow songtitle here]

She makes me blush. Mandy (yes, that's the songtitle) just wrote in her wonderful blog about the deal we've made. She'll knit me this [insert about 10 synonyms to wonderful here] shawl, and I'll make her something artsy in return. But did she stop her paragraph about me there? No, not at all. She continues by calling me "a brilliant and incredibly interesting person" and says about what I'm making her that "whatever it is will not fail to be wonderful". What can I say? I'm blushing.

However, the "No pressure!" comment she added is of no help. This Mandy, who I still haven't met yet, can paint, knit and sow, each of which she does well enough to make a proffession out of it. Plus, the humour of this woman, her style (both hair, glasses and choice of words) and the bits and pieces S has told me about her, and the few words I've exchanged with her husband (who has a brilliant sense of humour too)... and then she calls me incredibly interesting before I've had the chance to dedicate a full blog entry to her (though she'll probably hate the Barry Manilow association). She has some nerve!

I've always wanted to be as good at knitting as she is, but so far I haven't ever bothered to work at it since the first fifty or so attempts have come out horrible. They're more knotted than knitted I'm afraid... But hey, how many talents is a girl supposed to have? I paint, I draw, I write, I speak different languages, I have an education, I have my own firm, I sing in a band... and I'm still single, so what's the use? (Kidding!)

Anyway, I think I've figured out what to make her, but if I'll succeed with my rep intact is yet to be seen. It's tough being a brilliant and incredibly interesting person, before you've even made anything, but I'll do my best Mandy, I promise. And thank you. If you didn't notice I'm childishly proud and honoured by your mentioning me (and recommending my blog! I'm scared to think there actually might be people reading this now!). It's a huge compliment!

To my new visitors I wish to remind you all that English is my second language, so be impressed, not disturbed by my errors. And I want to have a list of blogs and other pages I want to link to in a sidebar, but I'm still figuring out how to modify this template thingy...

Oh, and by the way, my scanner is plugged in and working now, so maybe I'll bother to insert some more of my doodling here soon.

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