Wednesday, January 26, 2005

m ssing letter

I got a package today.

to me

I don’t know how to begin to tell you how much it means to me to get such a package. The one who sent it, Spencer, has gotten very close to me, even if fate placed an ocean between us; it feels as if he’s so close. I’ve been smiling all day, because now I have physical proof of his existance and of his care.

My whole apartment smells from some wonderful coffee he sent me, and if you could write your blog using a pencil, I would use a silly, brightly colored one with the name Spencer on it. My mouth tastes from chocolate espresso beans that are so good (I’m having trouble not eating all of them at once, but then I wouldn’t sleep for a week).
And I got weird looks today at a café as I sat giggling in a corner, reading the book “So, You Want to Be Canadian?” (I’ve finally learnt how to pronounce the word toque).

However, the envelope said, on the customs specifications, that there was supposed to be a letter inside, but there was no letter. Apart from the address and a lovely little greeting written in the book, I’m at a loss for words; Your words, Spencer! Where did they go? Apparently all those words I long to read are still in Canada…

So even though my heart is pounding and I can’t wipe this smile off my face, I’m still waiting for more. First, I wait for the arrival of a lost letter. Second, I long for the arrival of a lost Canadian.
Come on over soon will ya’?

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