Sunday, January 23, 2005


stalkers on blog
I just got an e-mail, not a blog comment mind you, but an e-mail, from a new reader of my blog. Apparently I'm good enough to attract new people here after having blogged only about 3 months, and not being an active part of any kind of blogging network yet. I am ever so flattered. Since I've had a sneak peek into the network of knitting bloggers, I have some idea about what a network like that might mean to a single little blogger. It's a metaphor for life really - the feeling of being part of something bigger. To matter in a bigger picture... Oh, sorry I'm going on and on here. Back to the e-mail I got. It freaked me out.

Someone wants to know what I look like, having read my blog and having seen only the tiny photo here to the right, he or she (I don't know which!) has formed an image of me and wants to know if he or she is right. What I want to say about the whole thing is this:

To ask for more of me, even pictures, in an anonymous e-mail seems not only quite stupid but also rather rude. I will probably post pictures of myself eventually, but not only to show off my great looks to my stalkers. I am happy people are reading my blog, but I still consider my blogging being self therapy as much as entertainment for the masses. So, there will be no pictures of me out of context posted here.

To serious blog readers with manners, I want to apologize if this rude person's behaviour has made me maybe more hesitant of posting pictures of me at all. I do hope that the ones of you who deserve getting to know me will do so in time.

Blog ya' later. /Lisa without photo

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