Saturday, January 22, 2005


From Sweden with love
So, I thought it would take until the end of next week to finish this thingy for Mandy, but having had a very inspired day I finished it NOW. So watch out Canada - there is a package from Sweden arriving shortly (I'll send it Monday). I can't say anymore at the moment or I'll slip and reveal too much. It's supposed to be a secret and I suck at secrets. At least my own, about stuff I'm eager to share...

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Anonymous said...

Eek! Well, that's very exciting. I can't wait!!! :D Your shawl will be done soon, in 3 days or less. I admit this one is taking me a little longer because my wrists are bugging me, but I love how this yarn is knitting up and I think you will be pleased. :) Now I'm going to go check out the Bearskin Sketchbook. xo Mandy