Saturday, January 29, 2005

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon
I went to this housewarming party / girls-night-in-dinner kind of thing yesterday night at this wonderful friend’s house. I’ll call her S. J and K were also there, and a little later L (who I don’t know so well) came.
The hostess got a big teddybear to cuddle as a housewarming gift, and a toy that would also help keep her warm, from me and J. And she and K also got their christmas gifts from me – finally. It turned out to be a regular “let’s give each other gifts and hug a lot” kind of party.
And I got a present too.
It’s said to be a late Christmas present from S, but I must admit I didn’t realise how amazing it was until after I had thought about it for a while. He was given to somebody else not too long ago, but this somebody else can’t take care of him anymore, so since I’m a pig myself (my online nickname “Ferkel” means piglet in german) S thought we would get along.
Francis Bacon
This is him. I call him Francis. Francis Bacon. He’s a pig with heatable wheat in his belly, so my nights will be less cold from now on.
Thank you S! I love him!

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